Beach Bum Bikes — Bike and Snorkel Gear Rental Rates and…. Reserve by Email:

Pedego Electric Bikes:

Full Day: 27.00                 24 Hours: 32.00                  2 to 4 Days: 29.00 Per Day                5 Days Plus: 26.00 Per Day

There is NO better way to explore the incredible island of Cozumel than on a bicycle, and there is NO better bike in Cozumel than our Pedego Electric Bikes! Available exclusively from Beach Bum Bikes, Pedego Electric Bikes are true engineering marvels – allowing you to pedal as normal OR use the state-of-the-art internal hub motor to accelerate effortlessly with silent power! Choose knobby tires that make it equally capable both on and off-road, or choose the sleek and retro styling of the Comfort Cruiser, with its timeless design of the classic beach cruiser. Pedego Electric Bikes use a silent yet powerful electric motor that is controlled by a simple twist throttle.
These incredibly cool bikes allow riders to do the one thing we all wished our old bikes would do someday, which is to go by itself without pedaling! Now it’s no longer just a pipe dream but an actual bicycle that affords riders the OPTION to either pedal normally OR to use the simple twist throttle that controls the electric motor to power you along effortlessly. The bikes can maintain a speed of 20 MPH without pedaling or to go faster you can pedal too! After all, most visitors to Cozumel are on vacation- why work any harder than you have to? Both models of Pedego Electric Bikes are available exclusively from Beach Bum Bikes.

Trek Mountain Bikes:

Full Day: 15.00                 24 Hours: 20.00                  2 to 4 Days: 18.00 Per Day                5 Days Plus: 15.00 Per Day

For those who prefer to pedal the old-fashioned way, Trek Mountain Bikes are well-known for their innovative design builds and quality components. Made in the USA with aluminum frames, these 24-speed high-end bikes are lightweight yet plenty tough enough to handle rugged, off-road trails just as well as cruising along the roads. All of our Trek Mountain Bikes have front suspension to make your ride as comfortable as it is exhilarating!

Beach Cruiser Bikes:

Full Day: 10.00                 24 Hours: 15.00                   2 to 4 Days: 13.00 Per Day               5 Days Plus: 12.00 Per Day

Sporting a retro, classic design build, our Beach Cruiser Bikes are just perfect for cruising the beautiful shores of Cozumel at your own pace. These single-speed Beach Cruisers are perfect for anyone who appreciates both modern quality and timeless simplicity for cruising the flat streets and easily accessible beaches and shops around town.

Snorkel Gear:

Full Day: 10.00                 24 Hours: 12.00                   2 to 4 Days: 10.00 Per Day                5 Days Plus: 8.00 Per Day

Coming to Cozumel and not snorkeling is like going to a fine restaurant and not eating! We now offer quality Snorkel Gear so you can explore the incredible inshore reefs on your own. The crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean and abundant corals and marine life make Cozumel world-famous for its diving and snorkeling. Now you can enjoy the best of both the land and seas of Cozumel by finding both high-quality bikes and snorkel gear in one place…. only at Beach Bum Cozumel!

Snorkel gear rented with a bicycle will be discounted 40% to 50%.

Deliveries and pick ups to any island location is available.